Whether you own a property in Surbiton or anywhere else in the UK, if it is old or new, small or large, they all have one thing in common, they are susceptible to damage from damp and mould caused by high humidity, condensation. Condensation is the most common damp problem a property can suffer from, it is far more likely to occur in the cold, winter months, when we close ourselves in and turn the heating up. The first signs are when we wake up in the morning and the widows are misted over and running with water.

Damp Condensation

We wake up in the morning and rush to get ready for work, a quick hot shower, boil the kettle for a cup of tea of coffee, rush out the door and trap all that moisture you have produced, in your property until you come home hours later. When you get home and in from the cold, the last thing you think about is ‘Oh I must let that high humidity out’ in fact you probably do the opposite, boil the kettle for a cup of tea or coffee, cook dinner and maybe another shower before you go to bed. If you also decide to dry the weekend laundry on your radiators you end up adding litres and litres of moisture into the atmosphere of your home that can’t escape. This is not only damaging for your property but more importantly it is harmful to your health. There has been much recent publicity about the under estimated harm that Black Spot Mould Fungus (Aspergillus app) can cause to your health, especially if you already suffer from respiratory problems. This very damaging fungus is a direct result of condensation and can also damage your property and personal belongings.

Tapco HomeDry has over 45 years of experience controlling condensation in Surbiton, Surrey and London and can install the most up to date equipment for those of us who have a busy lifestyle and can’t be at home all day with the windows open. We can install the very quite, economical to run, thermostatically controlled, Condensation Control Unit (CCU) There are two types one that is installed in the loft and a unit for flats that is fitted against an outside wall.

We can also install Passive Vapour Vents (PVV) which increase the ventilation with allowing cold or draughty air into the room. We can fit Warm Wall insulation, clean away the harmful mould with a fungicidal mould wash and paint your walls with a fungicidal paint so call Tapco HomeDry first. We are long term members of the Property Care Association and Trust Mark (Government Endorsed Standards). A Tapco treated home is a dry home.

Trust in our Accreditations

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