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Damp Proofing

Damp proofing is a protective process to prevent moisture transmitting into walls that are in contact with the ground. There are two main reasons why Damp Proofing becomes necessary, one is if your property has Rising Damp from the ground, the other is if you have Lateral Damp Penetration, from below the ground, or both.

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Basement Damp Proofing

If you are considering converting an existing Basement, Cellar or Vault into habitable use, Damp Proofing should be the most important aspect of the whole project. Because these areas are below ground, considerable damp can penetrate laterally, under hydrostatic pressure and this must be professionally controlled or prevented, prior to other work being considered.

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Water Damage

Water damage restoration is a specialist discipline and therefore should only be carried out by a specialist, damp restoration company, employing qualified technicians. Ignoring the blurred line between specialist and builder may only lead to further, secondary problems later.

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Condensation Control

We have all seen Condensation at some time or another. It can affect a property of any size or age and is caused by several factors; the main one being the lifestyle of the occupants.

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Dry Rot Treatment

Just the words Dry Rot can instil fear into anyone who thinks they may have it and so it should because Dry Rot (Serpula lacrymans) is one of the most insidious and highly destructive problems a property can have.

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Woodworm & Wet Rot

Woodworm and Wet Rot are both collective terms: Woodworm is a generic term for several species of wood-boring insects, that infest the timber of UK properties, some of which, weakening and destroying it beyond treatment.

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Cavity Wall Ties

With a history spanning over 47-years, Tapco HomeDry has a vast amount of knowledge and expertise repairing properties with structural damage. If you have noticed cracks in your walls, they could have been caused by a structural problem, which shouldn’t be ignored.

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Landlords & Estate Agents

Cost-effective damp solutions of tenanted properties for landlords & property agents

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Buying A Property

Purchasing a new home? Get a repair quote or a survey report to get you moving swiftly.

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Property Maintenance

Tapco HomeDry has been maintaining domestic and commercial property throughout London and the Home Counties for over 47 years and have evolved from a company dealing with damp and timber problems, into one of the most established and experienced teams of specialist property experts in the South East of England.

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