Basement Damp Proofing

If you are considering extending your property into an existing basement, cellar or vault, damp proofing will be the most important aspect of the whole project. Because these areas are constructed below ground, considerable damp can penetrate laterally, under hydrostatic pressure. This will need to be controlled or blocked, which is complex and should only be carried out by a qualified company, prior to any other work commencing. With the price of property in London and the Home Counties always at a premium and the cost of moving becoming ever more expensive, it makes more sense than ever to stay in your existing property and utilise the space you have.

Every basement, cellar or vault is unique and is likely to be used for a variety of  different reasons, so it is important you decide what yours will be used for, so all the services can be installed, prior to the Damp Proofing. There is a lot to be considered before you start your new project and this is something Tapco HomeDry  will help you with.

The two main methods of below ground damp proofing we use are:

Cavity Drain Membrane systems. These are usually used for larger areas or complete basement conversions. They are strong, versatile, studded Polyethylene membranes that we fix to walls and ceilings, using special fixings and loose lay over floors. Rather than block the moisture, this system of damp proofing is designed to allow it in, so we can control it into special channels and into a sump, to be pumped out to a designated place chosen by us. When the installation is complete, the membrane can either be dry-lined or plastered directly onto, creating new, warm dry rooms for years to come.

Structural Water Proofing (Tanking). This method of damp proofing can either be used on  localised area or a complete basement or cellar. It comprises of a special cementitious tanking system that is applied to walls below ground, to block damp. Once the old plaster has been removed and the walls are prepared, we apply a gauged waterproof scratch coat of render. Once this has sufficiently dried, we apply three slurry coats of the structural waterproofing system, allowing each coat to cure before applying the next. Another waterproof coat of render is then applied, prior to plastering to a smooth finish.

Both of these are proven systems and are covered by a Tapco HomeDry long term guarantee. We are proud to be a long term member of the PCA (Property Care Association), the BWA (Basement Waterproofing Association), a certified ISO 9001:2015 quality management company and a 5-star Which? Trusted Trader. We are also a Delta and Sovereign membrane, approved installation company and a company you can trust.

What is the process

Tapco HomeDry are Delta Membrane and Sovereign, approved contractors and install Cavity Drain and Ventilated membrane systems to walls and floors, in accordance with BS8102:2009.

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What is tanking

Tapco HomeDry are also specialists at Structural Water Proofing, known as Tanking, which can be applied to both walls and concrete floors. Our experienced

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Our report

Following our survey, you will receive the most through and comprehensive report in the Basement Damp Proofing industry.

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1. Contact

Book a Basement Damp Proofing appointment or call us.

  • Home owners & pre-purchasers
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2. Survey

Our surveyor will discuss any Basement Damp Proofing work your property may require;

  • Investigations and tests are thorough and accurate
  • Comprehensive report and recommendations
  • Long term member of the PCA

3. Treatment

All work is carried out by experienced technicians, to the high standards of the PCA.

  • We only recommend remedial treatment, where it is necessary
  • Only the safest of preservatives are used, with a one-hour re-entry time
  • All preservatives are aqueous based and odourless

4. Aftercare

For a single premium you can insure our guarantee with Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI).

  • Low costs, single premium, guarantee insurance
  • In the unlikely event we cease trading, our guarantee is protected
  • Should you sell your property, both our guarantee and GPI are transferable
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