New build waterproofing services

When a new property is being built, building regulations will dictate many things that are done or not done.  If one of those regulations involves waterproofing any below ground level areas of the property such as basements. Waterproof membrane systems have to be installed, at the right time, during construction, so it is important that we work with the main contractor, to know exactly when this is.

External waterproofing is far easier to carry out, while a property is under construction.  A special coating or membrane can be installed to the outside face of walls before the soil is filled back in.  Drainage can also be added to direct groundwater away from the property and to the nearest drain system if this has been specified by the architect.

Water attenuation and SuDS

As well as the waterproofing of the structure, there are requirements around the site itself while the work is taking place.  SuDS stands for Sustainable Drainage Systems and is designed to stop surface water flooding on construction sites entering the drainage system.  This uses an attenuation tank that fills up when it rains and then slowly releases water into the drains around the construction site to prevent flooding.

These systems are usually installed by the main contractor and take the place of the drainage systems that are added as construction takes place.  It is a crucial part of sites on clay or with a high water table as well as sites near a riverside. If there are ecological constraints or in built-up areas, this kind of system will also be required.

Existing commercial buildings

Older, existing commercial building with basements or vaults below ground were not built with adequate damp proofing methods, so most of them have to be damp proofed, using modern methods. When this is the case the underground areas will either have to be tanked to block the damp or fitted with cavity drain membranes to control it.

There are two main ways that we can waterproof basements internally.  One of the most used methods now is to install high density, polyethene cavity drain membranes to the walls, floors and ceilings, special drainage channels and a pump station and pump the water out, to a designated place chosen by us. Depending on what membrane we use, the system can be either dry-lined or the membrane plastered directly onto.

We can handle all aspects of commercial waterproofing or we can work closely with the main contractor and install the waterproofing system only, for them to add the finishes. Every detail of underground waterproofing requires careful consideration and thought, because the disruption to business because of failure, can be very expensive. Only Property Care Association (PCA) qualified structural surveyors (CSCW) and technicians should be considered to carry out the damp proofing and should be covered by a long-term guarantee, protected by Guarantee Protection Insurance. Compromise shouldn’t be considered, do it once, do it right.

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