Waterproofing Contractor

The main job of the waterproofing contractor is to either create a waterproofing system for your basement or handle one that isn’t working properly.  The aim is always to ensure that the basement is free from damp, waterproof and suitable for different types of use. That’s why we offer a range of services to suit your needs.

Basement and cellar waterproofing

This is where we will come to your location, assess the basement or cellar and offer a suggestion about what waterproofing system will work best.  Tanking, for example, is a traditional waterproofing method that involves adding a protective cement to the walls to stop water coming through from outside.  

A modern option is called an internal basement waterproofing system, and this involves using a membrane applied a short distance from the wall along with a drainage system and a sump pump.  This collects the water and pumps it out of the house, into the drainage system.

Design and consultancy

Another element to the waterproofing contractor’s job is to help design and consult on the construction of properties with solid waterproofing principles.  This can also apply to renovation projects where a property is being renovated and new waterproofing solutions can be applied as part of the work.

Commercial waterproofing

A top contractor will also offer commercial waterproofing solutions.  Sometimes these are similar to domestic options while other times they can involve waterproofing the building while the construction is happening and applying the waterproof solution to the exterior of the building.  Often, it will involve designing a bespoke system for the building and the purpose it will have.

Surveys and diagnostics

A third area covered involves looking into problems and carrying out surveys to see what work is needed.  For example, if your basement hasn’t already been waterproofed, a survey may be needed to see if there are any damp issues that need to be handled before any further work can be carried out.  This can include looking at moisture levels in the walls, signs of moisture damage and even signs of damp such as black mould.

Diagnostics involves using state of the art equipment to probe into the structure of the property and find problems that can’t be spotted with the naked eye.  This can be ideal if there has been flooding or previous damp problems, waterproofing that hasn’t worked or other ongoing issues with damp.

The right people for the job

Waterproofing contractors are the right people for any aspect of the job around waterproofing and damp proofing your basement.  With a range of services on offer, you can get the help you need to protect your home from damp.

1. Contact

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2. Survey

Our surveyor will discuss any Contractor work your property may require;

  • Investigations and tests are thorough and accurate
  • Comprehensive report and recommendations
  • Long term member of the PCA

3. Treatment

All work is carried out by experienced technicians, to the high standards of the PCA.

  • We only recommend remedial treatment, where it is necessary
  • Only the safest of preservatives are used, with a one-hour re-entry time
  • All preservatives are aqueous based and odourless

4. Aftercare

For a single premium you can insure our guarantee with Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI).

  • Low costs, single premium, guarantee insurance
  • In the unlikely event we cease trading, our guarantee is protected
  • Should you sell your property, both our guarantee and GPI are transferable
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