Basement and Cellar Repair

Because the basement or cellar of your home is sometimes an awkward space or one with some damp problems, it is often somewhere you don’t think about that much. However, if these problems escalate, then suddenly the basement or cellar will need urgent attention.  If this becomes the case, it isn’t a problem, because working with the right experts can restore your cellar or basement and ensure it is ready for whatever purpose you choose to use it for.

Basics of basement repair

There are several key areas that need to be considered when looking at the basement and cellar repair.  While there are some things you may be able to do yourself, there are other areas that you want the right experts on hand to make sure the job is done to the right standards.  

Gutters and downpipes

Guttering and downpipes might not seem to have much to do with basements but there is a connection.  If your gutters are broken or your downpipe blocked, then water doesn’t flow to the desired route into the drains.  Instead, the water discharges in random places around the house and this can cause problems with the basement – because it is the lowest point of the house.  So ensuring the guttering is working properly is a key part of basement repair.

Tree or shrub roots

Again, this seemingly unrelated issue can impact the basement.  While the tree or shrub might look harmless, it can be amazing how far roots can stretch and these can impact the walls of the basement, even breaking through.  That’s why it is important to monitor these and look at removing them where needed.

Important maintenance tasks

The next stage of repair is to look inside the basement and to study potential problems or areas for maintenance to solve any issues.

Sump pump maintenance

If you have a Type C waterproofing system in place, key to this is the sump pump which propels the water collected around the room to the outside areas.  If this sump pump isn’t working properly, you may start to get damp problems in the room. But if there’s no built-in alarm, you may not realise until the problem escalates.  So a regular routine of checking the pump is important.

Leaking or burst pipes

One of the most common issues in a basement is burst or leaking pipes and because we don’t spend as much time there are other rooms, we don’t always realise that it has happened.  So monitoring pipework in the basement for signs of leaks is always important and should be part of regular maintenance routines to avoid a bigger issue.

Get the right help

The key to repairing a basement or cellar is not just dealing with the problem at hand but taking steps to ensure it doesn’t occur again.  That’s why working with experts in waterproofing, for example, is important to ensure the room is able to cope with its underground position.  From fixing damp problems to waterproofing the basement, we can offer our experience to any situation and help make your basement a useful and pleasant space again.

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