The beautiful rural village of Effingham is situated in the Borough of Guildford, in Surrey. Its neighbours include Cobham, Dorking, Bookham and Horsley. Effingham is known for its large common, generous sports park, St Teresa’s School and The Howard of Effingham School. In Effingham, about half the housing scales slopes south of the A246.

The village was founded by the church as a spring line settlement at the foot of the North Downs. The Street and Church Street, two parallel roads, reflect the settlement by their steep gradients. At the bottom wells exist, whereas towards the top, layers of permeable topsoil underlain with chalk and limestone prevent reaching water. Although Effingham is a beautiful and tranquil village; the properties are still prone to the horror of damp.

If you are lucky enough to live amongst the beautiful rural sites of Effingham, you may have heard of Tapco HomeDry because Tapco is the local damp and timber specialists, just along the A3 in Esher and Thames Ditton so Effingham, Horsley, Bookham and Leatherhead are very close to us..With over 45 years of experience; we have carried out many damp proofing and Dry Rot (Serpula lacrymans) restoration contracts within the Borough of Guildford; all to the complete satisfaction of our clients. Our experienced team immediately pick up on rising damp, or other damp problems that may have caused Dry Rot within a property so you won’t have to worry.

When damp or Dry Rot occurs; Tapco Homedry’s Property Care Association qualified timber and damp surveyors will expose and inspect the timbers and joinery. Tapco Homedry will urgently treat the Dry-Rot and damp problem and if required install a new chemical damp proof courses by injecting silane/siloxane (cream) to the affected wall. Tapco Homedry protects your property from further Dry Rot or damp ingress; and we offer long term guarantees for our work, protected by Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI).

If you suspect a Dry Rot attack or a damp problem, it’s really not worth ignoring it or delaying treatment as it will worsen and can cause problems not only for your home but also your health. Give Tapco HomeDry a call today on 0800 195 9878 for a a thorough Dry Rot and Damp survey.

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