The London Borough of Camden is a borough in north west London, and forms part of Inner London. The southern reaches of Camden form part of central London. The local authority is Camden London Borough Council. Tapco HomeDry has carried out many Dry Rot, Damp, Basement and Woodworm surveys in and around Camden, including Holloway, Stoke Newington, Stratford, Walthamstow, Harringay, Wood Green, Brent Park and Wembley.

Map of London Borough of Camden

Like every area in London and the Home Counties we all have something very destructive to worry about that can cause severe damage to our property, the insidious Dry Rot Fungus (Serpula lacrymans). This is most destructive of all wood rotting fungi and only has one weakness, it is very sensitive to a moisture content of less than 20% and as long as this is maintained, it cannot survive to destroy your property. Damp is the cause so the Damp has to be eradicated. The fact that it is called Dry Rot is therefore confusing because it required damp to thrive. Most of the cases Tapco HomeDry have dealt with the fungal attack has been caused by Rising Damp, Rain Penetration or Leaking Plumbing. This is why it is always important that a fully qualified Property Care Association (PCA) timber and timber surveyor, only is instructed as both a timber and damp proofing survey need to be carried out to determine the extent of the attack and what caused the moisture ingress.

A Tapco HomeDry Survey

Our fully qualified surveyor will lift floorboards as required and take moisture readings using a calibrated electronic damp meter to inspect and determine the full extent of the mycelium growth and damage it has caused. Often dry rot spreads from room to room and sometimes property to property. Without doubt the first instant you suspect a problem you should call Tapco HomeDry because it can save you thousands of pounds in a couple of years’ time. Some of the remedial treatment that may be required is:

The Tapco Restoration Work

• Rectifying the source of damp by either installing a new damp proof course or repairing building or plumbing defects.
• Remove all the defective structural timbers and joinery and take to a designated place for disposal.
• Remove the wall plaster and if required, ceiling plaster to beyond the last sign of the mycelium.
• Apply a fungicidal masonry treatment to the exposed walls, boring and irrigating as required.
• Apply a high performance timber preservative to the remaining sound timbers.
• Replace the previously removed timbers in accordance with good building practice, using new pre-treated timber.
• Replaster the walls as required in accordance with our remedial specification.
• Replace joinery timber to match existing.

Tapco Home guarantee dry rot remedial and damp proofing work for 20 years and this can be protected by the Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI). We are also members of Trustmark (Government Endorsed Standard) and an accredited Which? Trusted Trader, everything you need to know to ensure you are in safe hands.

For a fast thorough survey on any timber or damp problems in or around Camden call Tapco HomeDry now.

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