Henley-on-Thames is a lovely town and cival parish on the River Thames in Oxfordshire, 7 miles northeast of Reading and 7 miles west of Maidenhead One of its boundaries has the tripoint of Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire The 2011 census recorded the parish population as 11,619.
Map of Henley-on-Thames
If you are lucky enough to live in Henley-upon-Thames or you are considering purchasing a property here and concerned that you may have damp or dry rot (Serpula lacrymans) problems, there are some tell-tale signs you should be looking for:

• Is there an immediate smell of mushrooms when you walk into the room,
• Are you noticing red/rust coloured dust appearing on your furniture,
• Does a timber floor feel ‘springy’ or are joinery timbers showing signs of cracking.

If you recognise any of the above you can rely on Tapco HomeDry’s 45 years plus of experience. Our Property Care Association (PCA ) qualified surveyor will find the cause of the damp and submit a detailed report of his findings and recommendations for remedial works required. Wall plaster must be removed to beyond the last visible sign of the fungus growth, all affected and weakened timbers need to be cut out, and specialist timber and masonry preservation treatment applied to kill off the attack. The only way to deal with this major problem is to stop the cause and completely eradicate the attack.

Our qualified and skilled technicians carry out every aspect of restoration and treatment, using only the safest, highest performance preservatives. All of the restoration is covered by our 20 year guarantee which can be insured by Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI).
The longer damp and dry rot is ignored, the quicker the problem will continue to grow. In some cases, the damp and dry rot has grown into neighbouring properties which creates a problem and escalates the costs involved. Dry rot is a fungus so it’s mycelium is able to grow through bricks and mortar, carrying moisture, transported from the damp areas, through its strands, and allowing the rapid spread of the fungi to other areas. It is one of the most devastating and highly destructive problems that can affect a property.
Don’t compromise or take risks, your home in Henley-on-Thames is a valuable asset, call Tapco HomeDry where are friendly knowledgeable staff are available to help and advise you.

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