Bermondsey is an area of new beginnings. Historically, it was an important part of the bustling trade along the Thames. But it fell into disrepair when things began to change, and remained that way for decades.

In the 1980s, a period of regeneration began in the wharves, and Bermondsey is once again a lively place to be. Residents and visitors can spend their free time in the many restaurants, cafes and pubs in the area. And the development hasn’t stopped there.

Bermondsey Village is seeing a growth in artistic and commercial activity every day. There’s plenty of culture, from the colourful Fashion and Textile Museum to small galleries.

In fact, Bermondsey is so popular that property in the area is in high demand. It’s older parts of the area that many are most attracted to. These original buildings, having survived the Blitz, are the place to be in Bermondsey. More affordable housing ranges from the middle-ground to postwar ex-council flats.

If you love living in Bermondsey, you’re sure to want to keep it that way. Damp in your Bermondsey home can make your life miserable.


Condensation is the build-up of moisture resulting from water in the air settling onto a cooler surface. You can see it all the time on windows, metal structures and many other places. You might think it’s nothing to worry about. But persistent condensation could result in damp and mould in your home.

No matter how old your property is, condensation can cause havoc. It can be difficult to identify the causes. However, here at Tapco HomeDry, we specialise in resolving damp problems in Bermondsey. With a little help from one of our qualified damp surveyors, you could be resolving your issues in no time.


Old or new, your basement could be at risk of damp. Whether you use it to store your wine or you want to convert it into an extra bedroom, controlling the risk is essential. Basement tanking is one of our specialities at Tapco. So you know you’re in safe hands with our damp proofing experts.

Plumbing Problems

Not all causes of damp are as visible as condensation. A leaking pipe could spell disaster in your home, but you could be unaware of it for some time. Tapco HomeDry are experienced in dealing with these issues in Bermondsey’s homes. Our damp proof surveys will pick up on potential problems. They can recommend the best fix before any issues are able to do untold damage to your home.

Bermondsey Damp Proofing Experts

We’re committed to helping Bermondsey’s residents prevent and cure problems with damp in their homes. There’s no need to lie awake at night and worry about it when you can call up Tapco to schedule a damp survey.

Our detailed report will help to put your mind at rest by suggesting a plan of action for your home. Contact us today to start the process and begin banishing damp from your home forever.


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