Bromley gives its name to both the largest borough in Greater London and the historic market-town within. Past residents have included such luminaries as Charles Darwin, Napoleon and War of the Worlds author H. G. Wells.

The London borough of Bromley is unique in that it boasts almost 30% farmland; the area is rich and fertile, ideal for growing crops. This is largely due to existing on a flat flood plain, where water is in no short supply. The problem for home owners of course is that this same moisture content of the soil can lead to damp proofing problems in many properties.

The reality is that damp proofing in Bromley should be considered an essential service. Over the last 44 years Tapco HomeDry has responded to numerous phone calls from Bromley residents seeking advice on ridding their home of damp and mould, not to mention the structural and health issues that commonly accompany such problems.

Bromley Damp Proofing

Damp problems have no single cause; there are a number of problems that home owners in the area experience. Each of these causes of damp problems has its own solution. It takes years of experience to be fully versed in all of these practices, and to have the skill to be able to diagnose and treat the full range of damp problems.

Some of the problems we have helped to resolve in Bromley include:

  • Rising damp from the ground by capillary action
  • Condensation leading to steamy windows, droplets on the walls or even entire puddles forming
  • Water ingress that has caused Dry Rot or Wet Rot both of which can cause structural damage and health issues
  • Rain penetration through broken tiles, damaged mortar, improperly-fitted windows and other poorly maintained areas.
  • Lateral damp penetration through the walls of cellars and basements, making uninhabitable or a damp and unpleasant places to spend time

Unfortunately damp proofing is not a “one size fits all” problem; it is essential to instruct a damp proofing firm with the experience and knowledge to fully assess your property and to recommend the most effective solution.

Too many home owners select a contractor based purely on price, only to find that the work done has been ineffective. At Tapco HomeDry we’re different; we believe in providing a level of service that lets you rest easy so that your damp problems are gone for good.

Do It Once, Do It Right

Tapco HomeDry take pride in providing the very highest standards in all that we do – from customer service to building work. It should therefore come as no surprise that we are accredited by the Property Care Association (PCA). In addition we maintain an enviable reputation on independent review site Trust Pilot and are long term members of Trust Mark (Government Endorsed Standards).

If you’re seeking damp proofing in Bromley then Tapco Homedry is a name that you can trust. Our specialists – who benefit from over four decades of experience in the area – are considered one of London’s premier damp proofing company.

If you’re concerned about the sudden appearance of damp and mould within your home then why not call Tapco HomeDry today for a damp survey in Bromley


Trust in our Accreditations

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