A neighbour to many of London’s Dockland developments, Canning Town has been waiting its turn for regeneration.

The time has finally come, with a £3.7 million project aiming to transform the district. It involves new homes and replacement of old homes.

There will also be property for sale, shared ownership and to rent at affordable prices. There will also be two new and improved town centres.

Plus, there will be better schools, health and leisure facilities. With the community at its heart, the project is aiming to involve residents too.

This East London area hasn’t been known for being refined or affluent in the past. But things could be changing. The new landscape in Canning Town will see new homes combined with older ones. Both old and new homes can have their problems, being prone to different types of damp. Whether you live in an older home or are about to move into a new one, Tapco HomeDry can help you protect it.

Older Homes

Anyone who lives in an older Canning Town home knows that they have their problems. They may be balanced out with a vintage charm, but they can sometimes be difficult to keep in good condition.

In our experience dealing with damp since the 1970s, Tapco Homedry has become a premier damp proofing firm in Canning Town. Over the years we’ve found that older properties in the area are more likely not to have a damp proof course, so damp is more prevalent.

One of the issues an old house might experience is a damp basement. At one point, they were designed to collect moisture so that the space could be used as a cold room. But now we want our basements dry, and Tapco’s basement damp proofing services will do just that.

Newer Homes

There’s one problem in particular that new homes often face. It arises from modern improvements. Energy-efficient homes can result in condensation building up in several areas around the house.

As specialists in condensation control, we’ve seen it time and again, thanks to homes designed to keep the heat in. Unfortunately, they often hold moisture in too, and that’s not something you want to see. If your newer home has problems with water collection around your windows or other areas of your home, Tapco can isolate the cause. One of our experts will survey your home to identify any issues. Then they can recommend the most efficient solutions.

Damp Proofing Problems in Canning Town Solved

Whether you have an old or new home, your property should be protected against damp. Tapco HomeDry has attended many homes in Canning Town to resolve damp problems. We specialise in ensuring future issues are prevented too.

As a long-term member of the Property Care Association, you can be sure that we will deliver expert service. To find out how the damp proofing in your home can be improved, call us up for a chat about your queries. We can soon have a damp proofing specialist at your home to survey the property.

From the initial consultation to completing the job, we’ll make sure your house is a home.

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