Colliers Wood, in the London borough of Merton in South West London, is well-known for the beautiful parks which are to be found here. Among them are the 11 acre National Trust-owned Wandle Park and Wandle Meadow Nature Park, a 4 hectare oasis for plants and animals in the heart of the capital.
Of the reasons to visit this picturesque part of London possibly the very best is Merton Priory. The ruin, which dates back to the 12th century, is where King Henry VI had his coronation; the only time in recorded history that this has occurred outside Westminster Abbey.

However this is, hopefully, the only ruin to be found in Colliers Wood. If you live in the area and are struggling with damp problems then it is essential to seek advice as soon as possible. The reality of the situation is that damp problems only tend to worsen over time, progressively doing more and more damage to your home. The end result is that typically the sooner you resolve damp proofing problems the more reasonable the end cost will be.

Help with Damp Proofing in Colliers Wood

Here at Tapco HomeDry we’ve been helping the residents of Colliers Wood to deal with damp-related problems for over 40 years. In that time we’ve seen our fair share of problems, but there hasn’t been one yet that we couldn’t fix.

This is not an accident. Our damp proofing specialists are some of the most highly trained and experienced individuals in the area. We proudly wear the badge of our Property Care Association membership; something granted to only the most reliable damp proofing firms in the UK. We are also members of the Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI) system which provides peace of mind over any work carried out by Tapco.

Rising Damp

We have carried out many rising damp eradication contracts in Brixton which can include all reinstatement work ready for you to decorate your dry walls.

Damp Proofing & Basement Tanking Services

Here at Tapco we’re specialists. We focus solely on providing the very best damp proofing services in London. After a full and thorough damp survey our team will provide you with a written report outlining our findings and the work recommended to help you return your home to an enjoyable living space.
As specialists with over four decades of experience in the London damp proofing market we are able to complete any and all work required – and you can be certain of a professional finish every time. Just a few of the problems we can help with include:

Leaking Pipework

One of the most damaging sources of damp is where a plumbing leak occurs. While a gushing leak is often obvious from the outset, it is often the more subtle leaks which cause more heartache. In many cases the water will have been gently dripping into the fabric of your home for weeks or even months before the visible signs of damp become noticeable.

What looks like a small section of damp turns out to be a far more serious situation when investigated by an experienced damp surveyor and can even lead to the dreaded dry rot..

Damp Basements

Cellars and basements in London are prone to damp problems; especially in older properties. This is hardly surprising when you consider all the moisture present in the earth around your basement.
If your basement has not been properly water-proofed, or damage has occurred to previous damp proofing treatments through old age, subsidence or similar then water can start to gain entry through your cellar walls in a process known as “lateral damp”.

Fortunately Tapco are experts in the London basement damp proofing market and we have a number of highly-effective solutions depending on your individual basement.


Typically more prevalent in newer homes which are designed to be more energy-efficient, living with condensation can be thoroughly unpleasant. Wet walls, patches of damp on wallpaper and damage to home décor can all follow.

Fortunately there are a number of solutions that Tapco can install to help increase air flow in your property and stop water molecules condensing.
Whatever your damp proofing problem it’s important to appreciate that you’re not alone. Having attended numerous damp proofing jobs in Colliers Wood we are ideally placed to help you. Why not give us a call today to schedule a damp survey and to see how we can assist you?


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