The beautiful Buckinghamshire village of Gerrards Cross is no stranger to popular culture. It has featured in movies, songs and TV shows.

Its quaint landscape has featured in a Stanley Kubrick film, a Jethro Tull song and Inspector Morse.

As a relatively new village, its notable landmarks include St James’s Church and the Grade-II listed St Hubert’s House. Gerrards Cross is less than twenty miles from London.

The location makes it the ideal place for anyone who wants access to the city without the hustle and bustle. Anyone looking for a quiet life would do well to move to Gerrards Cross. With a railway station and a fast train to London, plus easy access to the M40, it’s ideal for work or day trips for fun.

At one point, Gerrards Cross was the most expensive town in the UK, according to the Guardian. So anyone who lives there will understandably want to look after their home.

There could be a number of problems that affect your house or flat. It doesn’t matter if it’s a period property or a more modern build. Whichever your home is, damp could cause it a whole host of problems.

From peeling paint to rotting wood, it can affect the appearance and the safety of your home. But you don’t have to put up with it, with Tapco HomeDry ready to damp proof your Gerrards Cross home.

Old Damp Proofing Courses

If you live in an older home, it may have been protected against damp at some point in the past. But nothing lasts forever, and an old damp proofing course may no longer be active. If you’re beginning to see the effects of your older home being exposed to damp, it’s time for a refresh.

Tapco HomeDry are Gerrards Cross damp proofing experts and can send out one of our damp surveyors to get you started.

Managing Condensation

Condensation can be a problem in many homes, both old and new. Homeowners often don’t think about the damage it can cause. We’re experts at isolating the causes of condensation in your home. And we’re experienced in installing the best fixes. Whether we recommend a condensation control unit or an extractor fan, we’ll get your problem under control.

Basement Damp Proofing Systems

Older homes can be especially vulnerable to damp basements. But if you want to use yours for storage or carry out a conversion, it needs to be bone dry. From tanking systems to water barriers, Tapco has a range of solutions. We can perform all the work from start to finish or just set it up for your contractor to install.

Looking After Your Gerrards Cross Home

At Tapco HomeDry, our experts in damp proofing set you up for the future. As well as making permanent changes to your home, we will also be there for you whenever you need us. Our property maintenance service ensures that blocked drains and damage cavity walls won’t lead to damp. The first step to damp proofing your home is getting a survey from one of our specialists.

Why not give us a call today to get started with protecting your home?


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