Without a doubt, the London borough and town of Harrow are best known for Harrow School.

The public boys’ school has had many notable former pupils. They range from Prime Ministers and businessmen to writers and actors.

However, there’s more to Harrow than just the school and its alumni. Harrow has a lot to offer.

It has everything from its beautiful Georgian architecture to its contemporary artist-led gallery. Despite the presence of the school, much of Harrow isn’t as affluent as people assume it is. The area is home to people from a broad range of backgrounds.

A small portion of the population might live in expensive properties on the hill. However, many others live in houses and flats originating from the 1930s. But whether your home is extremely valuable or it’s like many others in your area, you need to care for it.

Homes in Harrow can be susceptible to damp, just like anywhere else. Damp is a problem that can start off small and barely detectable. But it can soon grow into something more damaging. It’s important to be able to recognise the signs so that you can address the problem right away.


Condensation is usually an easy form of damp to pick up on. You will often find it gathering on your windows and other cool surfaces. The problem is often caused by inadequate ventilation and heating. Activities such as cooking or taking steamy showers could make it worse.

Tapco HomeDry are Harrow damp proofing experts and specialises in tracking down the causes of condensation. We have a range of solutions to choose from to address it.

Rising Damp

Rising damp occurs when groundwater rises from the ground, into the walls of your property. To identify it, look to the bottoms of your walls, at the skirting boards and floor. If you notice rotting skirting boards or floorboards, stained plaster or peeling paint, it could be rising damp.

Check your exterior walls too. You can identify any signs of deteriorating brickwork or perhaps moss or lichen growth. Our specialist services include dealing with rising damp first to restore your home. We then prevent any further problems in the future.

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp occurs when there are faults in your building. For example, there could be a hole in the roof or defective brickwork. Signs to look out for include discoloured decor, salt deposits and tide marks on your internal walls. Watch for damp patches and black mould on the walls, around window frames and in other locations.

Tapco’s expert damp proofing service will first address any existing problems in your home. We can then protect your home from further issues using a range of treatment options.

Arrange a Harrow Damp Proofing Survey

Tapco HomeDry has been providing damp proofing solutions to the residents of Harrow since 1971. We have a team of highly-skilled damp proofing specialists who are ready to visit your home and protect it against damp.

Start by requesting a home survey from us, which will be provided by one of our experienced surveyors. Give us a call today and initiate the process as soon as you can.


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