The residents of Highgate are very protective of it, and rightly so.

With several impressive green areas, an extensive collection of historic buildings and a rich history, it’s a very smart area of London.

Highgate is perhaps most famous for its Victorian cemetery. You can find famous figures such as Karl Marx are buried.

It has quaint shops in Georgian buildings, often independently owned. There’s also a good choice of restaurants and cafes. Recently, the area is on the rise in the drinks industry, with a local brewery and distillery in the area.

This affluent London suburb is one of the places to be in the city. It attracts well-off individuals and couples, in particular.

Anyone living in Highgate is bound to take pride in their home. If you care about yours, damp in one of the problems you may have to come up against. It can be particularly prevalent in period or older homes, such as many of those in Highgate.

Although your home may have received a damp proofing course in the past, they don’t last forever. One applied to your home may have begun to deteriorate, and you’ll need to consider a new one. Both old and new homes can be at risk of damp problems.

Fortunately, Tapco HomeDry is on hand to offer help with Highgate damp proofing issues. With over four decades in the damp proofing industry in and around London, we’re in the best position to help.

Property Exterior Problems

One of the leading causes of damp inside the home is faults in the exterior of the building. This could mean that there are problems with the roof or that there is defective rendering.

Our thorough damp surveys will pick up on any issue that could cause rain penetration resulting from these faults. We can repair water damage, as well as solving damp problems.

Damp in New Homes

Although older homes are prone to damp, new properties don’t escape it either. Condensation is one of the most common types of damp found in more modern homes. It’s caused by a lack of ventilation, often as a result of the home’s energy-efficient design.

Here at Tapco, one of our specialities is dealing with condensation. We’re experienced in hunting down the cause and offering appropriate solutions.

Damp in Basements

Renovating your home gives you a fun and exciting project to work on. But you need to be careful if you want to give your basement a new purpose. You can use the space for anything you want, but you need to protect it from damp first. Basements are one of the areas where it’s most common to see damp in a home. Ask about our basement damp proofing services as part of your conversion.

Highgate Damp Proofing

The damp proofing process starts with ordering a survey for your Highgate property. We’ll send one of our damp surveyors to assess your home. They will give you a report and a no-obligation quote, along with some suggestions for how to protect your home. It’s easy to get started.

Just give us a call to discuss what we can do for you.


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