Known since 20 May 2012 as Staines-upon-Thames, commonly referred to simply as Staines this TW Middlesex area not far from Heathrow airport is a river town in the Borough of Spelthorne. Parts of the large Staines-upon-Thames are made up of whole villages: Laleham, Stanwell and Wraysbury with neighbouring town Egham close by. Egham contains some of the oldest listed buildings in the county. Property in Staines is made up of historic, Victorian and 1930’s built houses and shops, all of which are vulnerable to problems with damp and dry rot timber decay.

Living in and around Staines is very nice, having stains on your walls isn’t, because it is usually a sign of a problem with damp. If you are experiencing damp stains, musty smells or your belonging feeling damp, this shouldn’t be ignored because if left the dreaded dry rot fungus (Serpula lacrymans) could occur costing thousands of pounds and much disruption to eradicate.

Damp Survey

The most important aspect of a damp and timber survey is that you only use a qualified specialist who is a member of The Property Care Association (PCA). Using a qualified surveyor you can be assured that he or she is fully trained and experienced at recognising the cause of the damp or timber decay and recommends the correct remedial treatment. Our surveyor will first inspect the property externally for defects that could result in rain penetration and then internally using a calibrated electronic moisture meter which in skilled hands will record the pattern of the reading and identify the cause.

For example a high moisture reading at the base of walls with a sharp cut off at the top is usually a good sign of rising damp. Rising damp is water from the ground, transmitting up the wall by capillary action and can reach a height of approximately 1.5 metres. Anything over and above 1.5 metres is usually from another source, such as rain penetration or leaking plumbing.

Whatever the cause our qualified Tapco HomeDry timber and damp surveyor will diagnose it and provide the correct recommendations to cure the problem once and for all. We will carry out every aspect of the work ready for you or others to decorate.

Tapco HomeDry deal with every aspect of damp, from a leaking room to a collapsed drain, including injecting a new Chemical Damp-proof Course (DPC), Structural Damp Proofing (Tanking), Rain Penetration or installing a complete Cavity Drain Membrane System (CDMS) to convert your disused basement or cellar into your favourite room.

If you require a damp survey in Staines, Egham or surrounding towns call Tapco HomeDry first on 020 8398 6663.

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