The London Borough of Merton lies to the South West of London not far from Tapco HomeDrys head office in Thames Ditton. It is also not far from Wimbledon.

This area is probably most famous for the TV show, The Bill. Yes, many of the scenes for the epic police drama are set right here in this town. With so many beautiful houses in the area, it would be a real crime to see them go to ruin.

That is where we come into the equation. At Tapco HomeDry, we know that there is nothing worse for your property than the threat of damp. If you fail to adequately damp-proof your home, you leave it open to a whole host of problems that you could avoid, including the dreaded dry rot.

When you call one of our expert team members, we will do everything we can to ensure that we protect your home. Damp is one of the leading cause of property damage in the UK, and so you need to ensure that you get professional help as soon as possible.

Support with Damp Proofing in Merton

Over the last forty four years, our expert surveyors have worked hard to help the people of Merton with damp proofing problems. In that time, we have developed exciting new techniques when it comes to damp prevention. At Tapco, each of our employees has full damp-proof training, which means that we offer the best service out there.

As part of the prestigious Property Care Association (PCA), our team of professionals work wonders. You can have the highest level of confidence in our team since we have an incredible level of experience and expertise.

What Problems Can Damp Cause?

So, let’s take a quick look at the issues that wet walls and timber can cause. You may have already heard of the dreaded dry rot. Well, it might surprise you to learn that damp is the cause of this issue. The moist environment that damp offers is perfect for fungi. Wood-rotting fungi occurs as a direct result of damp.

Aside from that, you might find that salt contamination is a problem in your home. When you have a rising damp situation, you could find that your walls begin to rot. You might also notice that your wallpaper starts to peel away from the walls. When you see these undeniable symptoms, you have to call an expert right away.

Rising Damp and What to Do About It

One of the most common problems in older homes is rising damp. We are experts in completing rising damp eradication contracts in the Merton area. As the name suggests, the moisture comes from the foundations of your home and moves up your walls. When you have a severe case of rising damp, we will take action to rid your home of it as soon as we can.

One of our expert workers will inject a high-performance formula into the walls of your home. This solution stops damp from rising any further and prevents damage to the structure of the house. We can also re-plaster your home using a complex damp-proof system. With our specialist knowledge, we can stop any problems before they worsen.

Think You Have a Damp Problem? Call Us!

Our team is on call whenever you need us. If you want help when it comes to damp proofing your Merton property, call us today.


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