Clapham high street now sits on the site of an ancient Roman road which has been dated to the 1st century. These days Clapham is far busier than in the days of Ticinius Ascanius, the originator of the old road.
Clapham Junction, formerly Battersea Junction, is known nationwide as is Clapham Common’s 220 acres of open green space which benefits the area. Understandably popular for its mixture of Georgian and Victorian properties, former celebrity inhabitants have included Holly Willoughby and Ainsley Harriott.
However there is something else which is prevalent in Clapham; namely damp problems in many of the older properties of the area.

Clapham Damp Proofing Problems

You may be surprised to hear that it was not until relatively recently that damp-proof courses began to be installed as standard in new build homes. This means that many of the more characterful older properties in the area either have no damp proof course or possess one which may have become damaged by time and weather over the years.

However the Clapham damp proofing problems aren’t just restricted to rising damp; there are a number of other problems commonly seen in homes here, including newer properties.
Other damp problems can include:

  • Lateral damp where moisture in the soil travels through the subterranean walls of basements or cellars.
  • Condensation caused by a lack of air flow, high internal humidity and a colder exterior which allows water vapour to condense on windows, doors and even exterior walls.
  • Rain penetration caused by faulty building work, which allows precipitation to make its way into the home

Choosing a Damp Proofing Firm

Choosing a reputable damp proofing firm is no easy task. However it is essential if you’re suffering from damp problems to recruit the assistance of an experienced firm. The reality is that damp problems, when ignored, have a nasty habit of rapidly worsening.
Dampness can turn from a gentle annoyance to a major structural problem in a very short space of time. At its most extreme damp problems can require the removal, disposal and replacement of plaster and timber. The mould that grows to strongly in damp homes can also digest home furnishings like soft furnishings, clothes and books resulting in yet more expense.
In other words, if you are looking for damp proofing in Clapham it is essential to act quickly in order to minimize the costs of remedial work.
Trust Tapco

Fortunately Tapco HomeDry, who are recognised as one of London’s professional damp proofing firm, are on hand to help with any damp remedial work required. We have over 44 years of experience working in the Clapham area and are fully versed in all aspects of damp proofing.

To reassure you of the quality of workmanship you can expect we are registered with the official body of damp proofing, the Property Care Association (PCA). Furthermore we are long-term members of Trust Mark (Government Endorsed Standards). Lastly, all work carried out by Tapco carries our industry-beating twenty year warranty for your total peace of mind. This can be protected by the Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI)

If you’re concerned about damp in your home give Tapco HomeDry a call today so that one of our highly-experienced and qualified damp surveyors can answer any questions you may have and provide a no-obligation quote for the remedial work required to return your home to its former glory.


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