Once famous for its highwaymen who frequented the medieval Great North Road, if you’re looking for Finchley damp proofers you’ll want to be certain that you aren’t getting fleeced.

The fact is that while there are a number of damp proofing firms operating in the Finchley area, few compare to Tapco HomeDry in terms of service.

Founded in 1971, Tapco has been carrying out successful damp remedial work for over 44 years in and around London. In that time we’ve built up an enviable reputation, as evidenced by the independent reviews our valued customers have posted on Trust Pilot.

In addition to that, our team follow the strict guidelines set down by the Property Care Association (PCA) of whom we are a member and supporter. This level of training and experience is almost incomparable in the London damp proofing market, and when combined with our 20 year guarantee on all damp remediation work means that Tapco are the clear choice.

Damp Proofing Work Carried Out In Finchley

Tapco HomeDry is not a “general” builder – we are specialists in the field of damp proofing and have the knowhow and skills to handle almost any damp proofing work irrespective of size. Over the years we have carried out a full range of services in the Finchley area including, but not limited to:
Solving Condensation Problems – the scourge of today’s modern home owner, our hermetically-sealed properties may keep the cold out and the warmth in during the winter months but this lack of air flow can also cause problems with water condensing on walls and windows. If you’re struggling with damp walls, curtains and home furnishings then rest assured Tapco HomeDry is the answer.

Replacing Damp Proof Courses – sadly few damp proof courses last as long as your property. In older homes it is not unusual for the damp proof course to have become ineffective in places due to natural wear and tear. In such cases water may be travelling up your walls through capillary action, leading to unsightly damp patches inside your home or encouraging the growth of mould and fungus.

Replacing Rot-Infested Timber – dampness in the home is about far more than just aesthetics. Once the fabric of your home becomes damp it can become a haven for the mould and fungus spores naturally floating in the air. Once such spores get a foot-hold they can rampage through your floorboards, roof joists and skirting boards, slowly digesting the very fabric of your home. In extreme cases wood can actually flake or collapse, becoming structurally unsafe.

Call Tapco HomeDry Today

If the familiar smell of damp in your home is becoming too much, or the unsightly black mould growing in your bathroom, or the damage being done by moisture in your cellar or basement is becoming too much for you then rest assured help is at hand.

The sooner that damp problems are resolved the easier the work will be. Few damp problems will go away if ignored; instead they will more likely just worsen over time, leading to greater problems – not to mention the health issues that can come with living in damp surroundings.

If you’re seeking damp proofing survey in Finchley call us today so you can put your damp problems behind you once and for all.


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