Hastings in Sussex is a very well known town on England’s southeast coast, famous for the 1066 Battle of Hastings, fought on a nearby field where Battle Abbey now stands. The Norman ruins of Hastings Castle, once home to William the Conqueror, overlook the English Channel. East along the shingle seafront of Stade beach, Hastings. In recent years it has become a very up and coming areas and becoming very popular for people wanting to move out of the bustling cities.

If you live or are planning to live in or around Hastings and your property has a problem with damp or timber decay there is no need for it to go to ruin like William the Conqueror’s castle, you simply have to contact one of the most established and reputable damp proofing companies in the UK, Tapco HomeDry. We have been trading continuously since 1971 (not quite as long as 1066) and specialise in treating all problems with damp whether it is rising from the ground or coming through the roof or the walls. We also specilise in eradicating all forms of timber decay, including the dreaded Dry Rot Fungus (Serpula lacrymans) and any of the many species of Woodworm.

If your damp or decay problem has been caused by building defects we can carry out every aspect of property maintenance including structural wall strenghthening, cavity wall tie replacement, CCTV darain surveys and drain repairs, including structural resin lining. In fact WE STOP DAMP. We carry out all necessary repairs and restoration and all of our work is covered by our established long term guarantee.

Living by the sea your property may experience more problems with high humidity, condensation, than inland properties but Tapco HomeDry can control this to. We can install a thermostatically controlled Condensation Control Unit (CCU) which is very effective and cheap to run. We can also install draught free Passive Vapour Vents (PVV) and Warm Wall insulation, The very dangerous and damaging Black Spot Mould Fungus can be remove using a fungicidal wash.

If you think you property is damp don’t delay in dealing with it because the longer you do, the more expensive it beomes. Tapco’s experienced surveyors will find the exact cause of the problem and send yo a detailed report. We are long term members of the Property Care Association (PCA), Trust Mark (Government Endorsed Standards) and an accredited Which? Trusted Trader. Call the best first, call Tapco HomeDry.

Trust in our Accreditations

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