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When you need a damp or timber survey it can be difficult to know who to trust. After all, you’ll find there are a wealth of contractors promising such services; how do you know that you’re getting the most accurate information?

First of all a damp survey should only be carried out by a competent timber and damp specialist. These individuals will have qualified as a surveyor in the remedial property industry, with the Property Care Association (PCA).

A full and thorough damp survey is a complex procedure and it is all too easy for less-experienced surveyors to miss essential checks. As damp can enter a property in a variety of ways it is important that anyone who does not have these qualifications should not be considered. All of our Tapco HomeDry surveyors are qualified and cover London, Surrey and the Home Counties.

The Importance of Damp & Timber Surveys

Rising damp is water from the ground that enters the building by capillary action and only rising damp can be cured by the installation of a damp proof course.

All other forms of damp have to be correctly diagnosed and dealt with as a separate item, depending on the cause of which there are many.

Decayed skirting boards, damaged and salt contaminated plaster, staining and bouncing timber floors are all common when walls are affected by rising damp although these defects are not always evident.

Damp rising from the ground often contain hygroscopic salts which contaminate the walls and wall plaster. Because of this the salt will absorb moisture from the atmosphere and the plaster will never dry. As a result it must be removed and re-plastered using a salt resistant damp proofing system.

How Damp & Timber Surveys Work

Damp Surveys carried out by Tapco HomeDry surveyors are carried out thoroughly and professionally, both visually for building faults, and using an electronic damp meter.

The majority of damp meters used by remedial surveyors have two modes, sonic mode which detect moisture deep into the masonry or surface mode which measure the moisture content on the surface of the wall.
Tapco HomeDry surveyors only use surface mode because the purpose of damp proofing is to create a dry uncontaminated wall surface for decorating. Sonic mode can easily detect moisture that isn’t relevant and doesn’t require remedial treatment, simply they ‘find more work’.
Moisture readings are taken at approximately one metre intervals starting at the base of the wall and progressing vertically up to heights of approximately 1.5 metres. An internal and external visual inspection is then carried out to determine the general condition of the property and to detect if there are any other defects that can or are causing internal damp.

Lastly we produce a very detailed damp and timber report on our findings together with a floor plan and images for easy reference.
For a professional and thorough damp survey call Tapco HomeDry first on 020 8398 6663.

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