True Dry Rot (Serpula lacrymans) is the most insideous form of timber decay that can affect a property and should be avoided by keeping you property fully maintained and dry. In able for Dry Rot to germinate and attack the timbers of your property it needs moisture (Damp) so keeping your property dry is imperative. A dry home is a safe home. No property is safe from dry rot because it is natures way of tidying up. Dry Rot spores are constantly airborne and settle on damp timber to germinate and produce hyphae.

Dry rot skirting

Dry Rot fruiting bodies on the skirting timbers.

1. It begins life as a microscopic spore, almost like a fine orange/red dust.
2. If conditions are damp enough they will start to grow white strands called hyphae.
3. These germinate to create a large mass called mycelium.
4. Finally the fruiting body will form and distribute its new spores into the air.

Dry Rot is an extremely fast spreading form of wood decaying fungus as each spore released is capable of starting a new dry rot outbreak. It will eat away at timbers and building materials in your home which can lead to severe structural damage.
Tapco HomeDry are one of London, Surrey and the Home Counties most established and reputable Dry Rot and Damp Proofing specialists. We’ve been diagnosing and treating Dry Rot and Damp for over 44 years since we began in the industry in 1971. All damp properties can be at risk of dry rot but our experienced operatives have attended many of them and saved home owners thousands of pounds worth of damage. It’s important not to underestimate the damage that Dry Rot can cause so call us without delay.
We thoroughly eradicate every last sign of mycelium by removing wall plaster and cutting out all affected and weakened timbers. We apply a high performance timber and masonry preservation treatment to kill off all spores to prevent further attack. Finally we replace wall plaster in accordance with our ‘Tapco Homedry Dry Rot re-plastering system’ and replace the timbers with new pre-treated timber.
We are long term members of the Property Care Association (PCA) and Trust Mark (Government Endorsed Standards). We are also an accredited Which Trusted Trader. Our Dry Rot treatment is guaranteed for 20 years and can be protected by Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI).
Call us first on 0800 195 9878 for a full Dry Rot and Damp survey by our qualified surveyor. Do It Once, Do It Right with Tapco HomeDry.

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