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On a recent damp and dry rot survey recently our qualified timber and damp proofing surveyor found a virulent attack of True Dry Rot Fungi (Serpula lacrymans) which as always had been caused by damp and moisture ingress saturating the walls and subfloor timbers, creating ideal conditions for the wood rotting fungi to develop.

A Tapco HomeDry dry rot Survey

This particular property was a three bedroom ground floor flat in a semi-detached building, built around the early 1900’s. Our qualified Surveyor carried out a thorough Survey by:

• Lifting accessible floor coverings and short ends of floor boards.
• Inspecting and probing timbers with a sharp instrument.
• Taking moisture readings of accessible timbers and masonry using an electronic ‘Survey Master’ damp meter.

Unfortunately for our client there was an attack of the True Dry Rot Fungus (Serpula lacrymans) affecting the flooring and skirting timbers and surrounding masonry to the rear right area of the communal hall. The adjoining areas of the inner hall and front bedroom were also affected. We were advised that the architraves had decayed and had recently been replaced (The first sign of a problem?)

In our surveyors opinion the Dry Rot Attack had been caused by a leaking drains in the front and leaking pipework behind the adjacent boxing-in. We were advised that repairs had recently been carried out to the drains and pipework.

Tapco HomeDry Recommendations

Tapco HomeDry sent a full, detailed survey report to the home owner detailing our findings with the use of floor plans and photographs, and advised on the following works:

• Carry out specialist Dry Rot treatment to all areas specified, including replacing decaying timbers and applying high performance preservatives to timbers.
• Remove salt contaminated plaster from damp walls and re-plaster in accordance with our ‘Tapco HomeDry Dry Rot Re-Plastering System’.
• Improve sub-floor ventilation by installing extra air bricks.

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