Tapco HomeDry are London, Surrey and the Home Counties Dry Rot and Damp specialists. We were recently called to Fulham, SW6, to investigate and report on an attack of the True Dry Rot Fungi (Serpula lacrymans).

The homeowner did exactly the right thing in calling us because this form of wood decaying fungus is particularly nasty and will eat away at timbers and masonry in your property, causing significant structural damage if not stopped.
Dry Rot spores are always in the air and are natures’ way of tidying up. Obviously this works well in a forest with fallen trees but it is not so good when it’s happening to your floor and joinery timbers!

The property our fully qualified Surveyor inspected was a 1900’s semi-detached house, therefore the Dry Rot if left untreated could spread to the upstairs rooms and even the neighbour’s property, it has no boundaries. We immediately found that the skirting board timbers of the front wall in the living room had been heavily damaged, to a point they were breaking and falling off the wall. The window frames and porch rafters were also heavily decayed so it became obvious that the attack had been spreading for some time.

Like a catch twenty two situation Damp cause’s dry rot and decayed window frames cause damp, the perfect combination. At this Fulham property rain penetration was a major cause of the dry rot attack, however, rising damp was also detected. Other items of concern leading to rain penetration were leaking lead roof flashings, soakers, defective external joinery and defective rendering. Repairs that should be carried out as a priority to prevent further damage and dry rot in the future.
Tapco HomeDry were instructed to send our experienced Operatives in to carry out specialist dry rot treatment. The home owner and her insurance company had complete confidence in us, knowing that we have over 44 years of dry rot and damp proofing experience and are members of several professional bodies including the Property Care Association (PCA).

They purchased our long term Timber Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI) which covers our work for up to 20 years to give them complete peace of mind.

If you suspect a dry rot or damp problem in your home call us on 0800 195 9878 for a thorough Survey.

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