Windsor might be home to the magnificent 900 year old Windsor Castle but it can also be home to the insidious Dry Rot Fungus (Serpula lacrymans). In fact Dry Rot it is such a big problem that the National Trust has recruited two sniffer dogs to seek out problems in historic buildings, to catch any attack at an early stage. The dogs were used inside Windsor Castle following a devastating fire in November 1992 when Thousands of gallons of water were used to extinguish it.

Dry Rot doesn’t just affect stately homes and castles, it can affect any property in Windsor and cause significant structural damage if not treated quickly and thoroughly. However you don’t need to go to the extent of getting Labradors, Sam and Wilson, into your home to sniff out this fungus because here at Tapco we have qualified and experienced surveyors to do it.

Tapco HomeDry has been London, Surrey and the Home Counties Damp and Dry Rot experts since 1971 and are highly experienced in detecting and eradicating any problems with damp and timber decay. We have visited the SL postcode in the Royal Borough of Windsor many times in the last 44 years to save properties from being destroyed and preserving them for the future.

Dry Rot is one of the most frightening problems to attack your home as it will never leave until it’s been eradicated with specialist treatment. It has the ability to spread throughout your property and possibly into any adjoining properties, eating the timbers and building materials as it goes.

Tapco HomeDry are recognised as industry leaders in tackling Dry Rot and carrying out restoration work. We are members of Trustmark (Government Endorsed Standards), the British Damage Management Association (BDMA) and the Property Care Association (PCA). All our work is covered by a long term guarantee via our Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI).

We carry out specialist timber and masonry works plus Dry Rot re-plastering to rid your home of Dry Rot and protect it from future attack. We are experts at dealing with Damp and will advise on how you can damp proof your home to make it less susceptible to rot and timber decay.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you or if you’d like to book a Dry Rot and Damp Survey call us now on 0800 195 9878.

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