If you are fortunate enough to own a property in the lovely area of East Molesey, Surrey you may have heard of Tapco Homedry, who’s offices are only a stones throw away in Thames Ditton and Esher. East Molesey is situated next to the River Thames and close to the famous Hampton Court Palace and Bushy Park. In fact many of the roads are named after the Court of Henry V111, such as Wolsey Road, Seymour Road and of course Kings Road. Many of the properties are large Victorian houses whereas other roads are lined with cottages, most of which have been modernised to create a beautiful area to live in. Unfortunately the victorian builders, although building lovely properties, didn’t have the techniques that we have today and didn’t have materials such as sound damp proof courses and pre-treated timbers.

Because of the materials used in victorian buildings, items like damp proof courses, breakdown and when they breakdown, rising damp occurs by capillary action and this creates ideal conditions for problems start. Damp causes timber decay and encourages woodworm and one of the species of timber decay is the dreaded Dry-Rot fungus(Serpula lacrymans). This fungal attack is by far the most insidious timber decay that can affect a property so it is important that you recognise it as soon as possible. First of all it can’t thrive without moisture so keeping your property dry is of the upmost importance. The first thing you may notice is a smell of fungus similar to mushrooms. You may also notice a red, rust coloured dust settling on furniture and other surfaces, these are the spores which make it spread. You may have notices springy floors or distorted, split joinery timbers, all of which are the first signs of Dry-Rot.

Dry rot subfloor timbers

What you must not do is ignore these signs because the longer you do, the worse it will get and the more expensive the eradication becomes. Dry-Rot treatment and restoration should only ever be carried out by a specialist like Tapco HomeDry, who are a long term members of the Property Care Association (PCA) We have been trading continuously for over 45 years and are recognsed as the most established and reputable Dry Rot company in London and Surrey. If you suspect you may have Dry-Rot, Damp or any other  timber decay, call of first and schedule a survey by one of our qualified timber and damp surveyors. All of our work is covered by our established 20 year guarantee which can be protected by Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI).

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