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Basement Damp Proofing Specialist in Basingstoke

Looking for professional basement and cellar damp proofing in Basingstoke? Tapco Homedry are your local experts in damp proofing and basement tanking. If you’re considering a basement conversion or are worried about damp in an existing basement conversion, get in touch with our team today to arrange your home survey. We can help to identify the source of the damp and provide recommendations for addressing the problem.

Basement and cellar conversions are growing in popularity as a way to uncover more space in your home. Rather than extending into your garden and sacrificing outside space, you can convert a basement or cellar into a functional living space. This is popular with Basingstoke homeowners looking to increase space in their home without restoring to moving to a new property. If you’re looking for advice and support dealing with a damp problem in your basement, get in touch with our team today.

Basement and cellar damp proofing in Basingstoke

Basement and cellar damp proofing is an essential step that is required to protect below ground rooms from the damage caused by lateral damp penetration. While a damp proof course might be able to protect your home above ground, the rooms below ground have to contend with something called hydrostatic pressure. This is when water is forced through the small holes in your cellar floor and walls by the pressure of the earth.

Cellar waterproofing, or basement tanking is the only way to prevent this type of moisture from getting through. This creates an impermeable barrier that keeps moisture out of your basement or cellar. But this isn’t the only cause of damp in basements and cellars. It can also come from faulty indoor plumbing, rain water from failed rendering, or simply condensation that builds up in areas with poor ventilation.

What damp proofing measures are recommended?

The type of damp proofing measures we recommend will all depend on the source and extent of the problem. The first step will always be to implement tanking or other waterproofing measures, or to check if the existing measures are effective. Basement tanking can fail over time, so it’s important to check if this is still effective. If this isn’t the source of the issue, we can look at factors like broken pipes or faulty rendering that ight be allowing moisture into your basement.

The final measure would be to look at environmental factors in your basement or cellar that might be leading to excess moisture buildup. Things like showers and dryers can lead to higher moisture levels that will need to be dealt with through improved ventilation. We can advise on the steps required to keep your basement or cellar dry and free from moisture buildup.

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Why trust Tapco Homedry?

We are the local experts in basement and cellar damp proofing in Basingstoke. Locals trust us to provide comprehensive advice and support to help them address their damp problems. We are long-time members of the Property Care Association (PCA) so you can be assured that all work will be carried out to the highest possible industry standards. We also have an excellent rating on Trustpilot as a result of our impeccable customer service.

Is it worth tanking a cellar?

Yes, we think it is worthwhile to tank a cellar or basement as this can offer more flexibility in how you use the space in your home. You might not convert it straight away, but once it is tanked, it will be protected from damp so a basement or cellar conversion will be easier in the future.

How do you damp proof an existing basement?

Is it possible to damp proof and waterproof a basement from the inside, so there is no need to dig into the foundations of a home. Waterproofing and damp proofing measures can all be carried out after construction, or they can be repaired in the case of failed damp proofing.

Who can benefit from basement and cellar damp proofing?

Anyone with a basement can benefit from basement and cellar damp proofing. Even if you aren’t using the space at the moment, it is beneficial to your whole home to make sure that damp cannot build up in your basement or cellar. This is because damp can lead to mould, mildew and rot, which can spread throughout your home. It can also lead to rising damp in interior walls.

If you are thinking about converting your basement into a storage space or a more functional living space, you will also need to consider basement or cellar damp proofing. This will help to protect your investment by ensuring that any fixtures, furniture or decor is not damaged by damp. Converting your basement or cellar can add value to your home, so this should always be considered as an investment.