Basement Waterproofing Consultancy

When you have a cellar or basement under your home and want to make sure it is in good condition, the most important part of the process is the waterproofing.  In order to make sure this is done to the top standard and covers building regulations, you want to involve a basement waterproofing consultancy.

Why use a consultant?

At first, glance, putting some waterproofing tanking on the basement might seem like a perfect DIY job but there’s a lot more to it.  Use the wrong product and you might not have applied anything. Or don’t have the right system and the work will only last a short time.  These are the reasons why you want a basement waterproofing consultancy involved in the project.

Another reason is called BS 8102:2009.  This is the British Standard for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground.  In this, it is recommended that you work with waterproofing design specialists as part of the conversion of a basement or any structure that is below the ground level.

Specialists over generalists

At one time, it was common for an architect to handle the waterproofing of a basement when constructing or planning a renovation.  And while there’s nothing wrong with this, it can often be better for you to have a specialist involved. That’s because a consultant will look at all types of damp and water ingress problems that a basement can face and have a range of solutions to use to solve them.

And a specialist will always have the cutting edge designs and systems along with state of the art equipment specifically for damp proofing and waterproofing homes and businesses – because that’s all that they do.  So to have innovative solutions to problems, you are often best working with a specialist.

What to expect

When you hire a waterproofing consultant, they will look at the different options available to see what best suits your property.  For example, for existing basements that are being converted, an internal basement waterproofing system is often favourite. This lines the walls with special membranes and causes moisture that leaks into the room through hydrostatic pressure to be directed in a special way.  This goes into drainage channels and is pumped out of the property by a sump pump.

Consultants will also be able to assist with new construction projects, both domestic and commercial.  This can involve steps such as coating the external walls to stop moisture ingress or adding those drainage channels around the building to stop water from getting near.

Top quality service

When you are looking at a basement waterproofing consultancy, there are a few things to watch for.  First, you want to see plenty of project examples to show they are experienced and qualified in the work they do.  Look for a range of solutions and ideas that can be applied to your project and ensure they are a team who can adapt to your needs including looking at damp problems that already exist and even have extended to other parts of the house.

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