Waterproof Diagnostics

If your home has a basement, then this is a great extra space but is one of the most problematic areas of the house.  Being below ground level means that damp is far more common in basements that other areas of the house. It is also why top quality waterproofing is needed to prevent the problems – but what about ongoing maintenance of it?

That’s where waterproof diagnostics come in.

Why basements need waterproofing

The pressure of being surrounded by earth has the potential to create unique problems with basements.  Bricks are quite absorbent and therefore water can be absorbed into them and deposit into internal spaces.  This is one of the classic reasons that basements suffer from damp. Because if there is no waterproofing system in place to stop it, this water will just keep coming.

Waterproofing the basement if you want to make a useable space is also part of the building regulations that cover the conversion.  You need to ensure the basement has the right damp proofing which can involve tanking the walls or adding an internal basement waterproofing system with drainage and a sump pump to deal with the problem.

What is waterproof diagnostics?

The aim of waterproof diagnostics is to find and assess problems with the waterproofing of your basement.  It can involve looking at damp patches, leaks or other signs of moisture that shouldn’t be there. And the process involves not only finding these problems but finding out why they have happened – and what needs to be done to solve them.

Once the diagnostic work has been carried out, the work to remedy the problems it has found can be undertaken.  This will ensure the basement repairs dry and free from damp for a certain guarantee period.

How diagnostics work

There are several pieces of specialist equipment that are used as part of the diagnostic process.  The use of state of the art technology means that the most accurate reading can be taken, and the cause of a damp problem quickly identified.  It also helps in the accurate assessment of what needs to be done to solve the problem and prevent a reoccurrence.

Equipment that is used includes a moisture meter which picks up the levels of moisture in the room and a borescope which probes into walls and floors to see the condition of them.  A thermal imaging camera is also used as this can detect the differences in wall temperatures to create a thermal image of the basement. The colder walls are, the more moisture is present and if some areas are colder than others, this often means a damp problem.

Expert diagnosis

It is important to have waterproof diagnostics if you think there is a problem in the basement, have spotted signs of moisture or dampness or even things like black mould.  Not only is it important for the basement but these issues can also spread to other parts of the house, so it is important for the entire property that the issues are dealt with quickly.

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