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We are long term members of Trust Mark and a member of the BWA. CHAS accredited contractor. In addition, all of our surveyors are trained to the high standards of the PCA (Property Care Association).

Damp Proofing Specialist In Windlesham

Property owners in Windlesham need to be aware of the risks of damp spreading through their homes. Damp proofing is not just a home maintenance task you need to tick off the list, it’s an investment in the longevity of your home. It’s an essential safeguarding step that will prevent damage to your home and possessions. Thankfully, our long-lasting damp proofing measures can safeguard your property for years to come. 

Damp proofing is an essential part of owning a home, and while these measures might be installed as standard, they are known to fail. When damp proofing fails, the repercussions can be uncomfortable to live with and expensive to fix. At the first sign of a damp problem, we recommend contacting our team to arrange a damp proofing survey.


Damp proofing services in Windlesham

Tapco Homedry are the local experts in damp proofing, offering damp proofing measures throughout Windlesham and the surrounding regions. This essential home protection measure is implemented in all new homes, but damp proofing is known to fail unexpectedly. When this happens, it can lead to widespread damage throughout your home.

When you call in our expert team, we can help to diagnose your damp problem and identify the source. From there, we can implement the best possible solution for your problem. This could include installing a new damp proof course course to help prevent rising damp, or we might recommend basement tanking to enable you to use below ground rooms to prevent water ingress.

What is damp proofing?

Damp proofing is the method of making a home watertight and preventing water ingress from the outside environment, which could include water getting in through the foundations, walls or roof. The climate in the UK makes homes more susceptible to damp. This is because there is high rainfall coupled with a cooler climate. This means that homes are more likely to suffer from damp problems. 

Moisture in your home could be the result of poor ventilation, broken gutters, faulty rendering, burst pipes or cracked roof tiles. We can visit your property and get to the source of the problem before recommending steps to take to remedy this. The most common method for damp proofing a home is installation of a damp proof course, which is a chemical treatment that forms an impermeable barrier to stop moisture getting into your home.

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Why choose Tapco Homedry?

We are the local experts in damp proofing in Windlesham. We are the top choice for Windlesham residents looking for clear and concise advice on their damp proofing problems. We work with business and residential customers to protect properties with tried-and-testing damp proofing measures. This could include a damp proof course or basement tanking. We can also advise on methods to help prevent your damp problem from returning.

How do you spot the signs of damp?

Homeowners can benefit from early intervention when it comes to dealing with damp. Getting familiar with the earliest signs of damp will help you to act quickly and take steps to stop the problem spreading further. Telltale signs of damp in your home include:

  • Water marks on the walls
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Flaking paintwork
  • Rotten floorboards
  • Warped door frames
  • Dark mould patches on the walls
  • An earthy or musty smell
  • Walls that are cold to the touch
  • Moisture build up on windows

Remember that these signs might be concealed behind large pieces of furniture, or the damage might be concealed under carpets or behind wallpaper. The damage might be more extensive by the time it is visible. This is why you need to be vigilant throughout the colder months and look for signs of damp in your home.