FAQ’s – Property Maintenance

Roof repairs

If your roof is not properly maintained it could leak and cause all manner of internal damage and decay. We deal with every aspect of roof repairs to prevent this, including:

  • Repairing or replacing flat roof coverings
  • Complete overhaul
  • Replacing defective tiles or slates
  • Repointing, rendering or rebuilding chimney stacks
  • Replacing roof flashings and the reforming of mortar soakers
  • Overhauling or replacing rainwater goods

For safety reasons, most of our surveys are carried out from the ground using our Sky Pole camera, which gives us a complete, safe view of the roof coverings.

Surveying a roof using a Sky Pole camera Unblocking guttering using a Sky Vac

Rendering services

External rendering:
Some properties are rendered externally, which acts as a protection against rain penetration. In time, this can weather or crack and allow rain to penetrate, which become trapped. In winter, the trapped water can freeze and when this happens, it expands and forces larger areas away from the wall, causing further damage, more rain penetration and more internal damage.

Pointing is the mortar joint that is formed between the bricks, to prevent rain penetration. These can vary and some are softer than others and become weak and porous quicker. When this happens, driving rain can penetrate between the bricks and slowly transmit through the wall. Our experienced surveyor will inspect and assess the extent of the defects and recommend what areas need to be repointed.


Drains are not generally a part of our properties for which we give a great deal of thought, because they are ‘out of sight, out of mind’. However, when a drain blocks, it proves to be very inconvenient and will need immediate attention. If waste or foul water can’t escape through the drains it will back-up and be forced to find another route, which may be back into your property or the surrounding ground, not a pleasant situation. More importantly, long term leaking drains can undermine the foundations of a property, causing contaminated, internal damp and serious structural problems, so if you suspect your drains are leaking call Tapco HomeDry immediately to arrange a CCTV survey

Blocked Drains & Repairs

Defective drains used to be one of the more challenging problems a property had, because the blockages or leaks are underground. Fortunately, nowadays it often isn’t necessary to excavate the ground, because they can be repaired by essentially, creating a pipe within a pipe, by installing a strong Structural Resin Liner. Once installed the new liner bonds to the inside surface of the pipes, which not only saves time and considerable disruption, but also your money.


1. Contact

Book a appointment or call us.

  • Home owners & pre-purchasers
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2. Survey

Our surveyor will discuss any work your property may require;

  • Investigations and tests are thorough and accurate
  • Comprehensive report and recommendations
  • Long term member of the PCA

3. Repairs

All maintenance repairs are carried out to a high standard, in accordance with good building practice.

  • We undertake all damp related property repairs
  • Repairs carried out by us are covered by our 5-year guarantee
  • Do it once, do it right

4. Aftercare

For a single premium you can insure our guarantee with Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI).

  • Low costs, single premium, guarantee insurance
  • In the unlikely event we cease trading, our guarantee is protected
  • Should you sell your property, both our guarantee and GPI are transferable
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