FAQ’s – Cavity Wall Ties

What are Cavity Wall Ties?

Cavity Wall Ties are now an integral part of UK house building and found in most properties built from the late 1920’s. Two separate outer walls are constructed, with a cavity between them, which incorporate wall ties to keep them together. This method of building greatly improves thermal values, allowing the inner wall to stay warmer in the winter while helping to keep it cooler in the summer. Cavity walls also help to prevent rain penetration and properly built and maintained, are an essential part of managing the environment in the modern home. Ideally, they should also be insulated, to improve the thermal images, even more.

What are the signs of cavity wall tie failure?

To keep the two walls of many properties, bonded and strong, they are connected by metal straps or ties (cavity wall ties) which are installed at about 90 cm centres. However, many of the older wall ties are galvanised metal, which over time, slowly corrode or rust. This problem greatly increases, the closer the property is to the sea, because salty sea air and rain is considerably more corrosive than the air inland. As the metal straps corrode, they expand, which puts pressure on the bricks, causing them to crack, so as soon you notice cracks in your walls, you need to have a specialist survey carried out and the wall ties replaced with a new stainless-steel type. This work is covered by our 20-year guarantee.

How do you repair cracked walls?

Tapco HomeDry are not only experts at replacing cavity wall ties, we also structurally repair cracked walls, a process known as “stitching”. This is carried out by raking out mortar joints and installing stainless steel Helical bars into the brick course of the damaged areas and bedding them in with a resin bonding solution.

This structurally ties and strengthen the walls to prevent further movement. Our technique follows current building regulations, in terms of the recommended number and position of wall ties and Helical bars we use which because they are stainless steel, don’t corrode. Ignoring a problem could risk letting your walls fall into disrepair and needing considerable structural repair, at a huge cost.

They are literally the bricks and mortar of your home or business and should be inspected by a specialist, without delay. It is likely these repairs are covered by your property insurance, so call us first to arrange a survey and immediately notify your insurance company.

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