FAQ’s – Water Damage

We have water damage, what should I do?

Often a water leak can go unnoticed until damage appears. If you happen to live below another property, you may be completely unaware they have a water leak until water starts to run down your walls, drip through your ceiling, or part of the ceiling collapses. Whatever the cause, the following should be carried out urgently:

  • Locate the water leak and immediately have it repaired, or alternatively, turn the water supply off.
  • Call your insurance company.
  • Take images of the damaged areas and affected items, to use for future reference.
  • Remove wet items of furniture and floor coverings and set aside for drying and cleaning.
  • Introduce controlled, warm heating and install commercial dehumidifiers and drying fans

Call us on 0800 195 9878 and make an appointment for our specialist PCA (Property Care Association) surveyor, to inspect and report on the extent of the damage.

How do you repair water damage?

Our experienced water damage technicians will assess the damaged areas and remove any saturated ceilings, wall plaster or joinery, and carefully disposed of it. We then undertake all aspects of water damage restoration. The affected structural timbers are checked and treated, using a high-performance preservative, the ceilings are renewed as necessary and the walls re plastered, in accordance with our damp proofing specification.

Any damaged joinery timbers or fitted units, are replaced, to match existing, as closely as possible. On completion, when the walls are dry, they can be redecorated as you choose.

Are you approved by insurance companies?

Yes, we are approved by all leading insurance companies. Following our survey, you will be provided with the most thorough and comprehensive reports in the water damage restoration industry. It will detail what damage our surveyor found, the amount of surface moisture recorded, images and a floor plan showing the extent of the work.

What are the other causes of damp?

Damp in a property can be caused by several other factors, apart from rising damp or lateral damp, all of which, Tapco HomeDry deal with.

  • Condensation is by far the most common cause of damp, which in the majority of cases is caused by the lifestyle of the occupants and can be prevented without remedial measures.
  • Rain penetration: caused by building defects.
  • leaking plumbing: appliances or bathroom fittings.
  • Flash flooding: during heavy rain fall or a burst water main.

water damagewater damage

1. Contact

Book a damp survey appointment or call us.

  • Home owners & pre-purchasers
  • Estate Agents & Businesses
  • Covering London / Home Counties

2. Survey

Our surveyor will discuss any damp or timber problems your property may have and following this;

  • Investigations and tests are thorough and accurate
  • Comprehensive report and recommendations
  • Long term member of the PCA

3. Treatment

Damp proofing & timber treatment is carried out by experienced technicians, to the high standards of the PCA.

  • We only recommend remedial treatment, where it is necessary
  • Only the safest of preservatives are used, with a one-hour re-entry time
  • All preservatives are aqueous based and odourless

4. Aftercare

For a single premium you can insure our guarantee with Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI).

  • Low costs, single premium, guarantee insurance
  • In the unlikely event we cease trading, our guarantee is protected
  • Should you sell your property, both our guarantee and GPI are transferable
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