Woodworm & Dry Rot Survey

When you need a timber survey it is very important to use someone who is a qualified specialist. There are many types of fungal decay and insect infestation that can destroy wood so it is very important that if there is a problem, it is identified correctly so only necessary preservation treatment is carried out. Only a qualified timber and damp surveyor who has qualified in the remedial property industry with the Property Care Association (PCA) should be considered.
Although many timber surveys are restricted because of properties being occupied it is still important that the surveyor is as thorough as possible. He should also be a qualified damp surveyor because areas of the property that are damp are much more susceptible to timber decay and woodworm infestation. Tapco HomeDry surveyors are fully qualified for surveying timber and damp and cover all of London, Surrey and Home Counties.

Is a timber survey necessary?

Now every property has to be constructed using pre-treated timber however prior to these regulations untreated softwood timbers were used and much more susceptible to decay. Until the 1930’s when bitumen or felt damp courses were introduces, slate was used and although sufficient up to a point, it degraded or cracked and allowed damp to enter which rotted timber. The bottom line is if your property or a property you are buying doesn’t have pre-treated timber then yes a timber survey is necessary.

What is involved when carry out a timber survey?

A qualified Tapco timber and damp surveyor will inspect as many timbers as is practical without causing damage or major disruption. If your property has a loft hatch he will enter the roof void and thoroughly inspect as much of the roof frame timber as possible while at the same time checking for moisture ingress.
He will inspect the floors and joinery by carefully lifting and pulling back areas of floor coverings in accessible corners and where necessary he may lift short ends of floorboards to inspect the subfloor timbers. These will be probed with a sharp instrument to assess their structural strength. Moisture readings will be taken using an electronic moisture meter to ensure the timbers contain less than 20% moisture content because Dry Rot Fungus (Serpula lacrymans) and other decay cannot survive if the timber is dry.

Dry Rot ( Serpula lacrymans)

The most common of the wood boring insects is the Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum) which affects not only building timbers but also furniture. Our surveyor will again probe the timber to assess if any infestations are active and what preservation treatment may be required.

A Tapco HomeDry timber survey will also include inspecting the sub-floor ventilation because insufficient air flow can promote timber decay.
Finally we will produce a very detailed timber report and a long term guarantee should remedial treatment be required. A Tapco guarantee can be protected by the Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI).

If you suspect Dry Rot, Wet Rot or Woodworm infestation call Tapco HomeDry first for a thorough timber survey 020 8398 6663.

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